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מערכת להכנת מדיה

מערכת להכנת מדיה


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Media Preparation and Degassing System.
Media degassing or “de-aeration”, pre-heating to a temperature of 37°C and absolutely precise gravimetric dispensing according to the recommendations and demanded for dissolution testing from the US FDA authorities are standard for the Pharma Test PT-DDS4 media preparation and degasing system. De-aeration is generally recommended to prevent the formation of bubbles on the dosage form surface, which may cause a variation in active dissolution rates, by virtue of surface obscuration.

>> De-aerates to approx. 35% of rest gas content (residual oxygen less than 5 ppm inside PT-DDS4 container)
>> Pre-heats your media to save time during start-up of dissolution tests
>> Fill-up program under pressure (connect directly to factory de-min. water supply)
>> Fill-up program under vacuum (prime from any external container)
>> Can be upgraded to de-aerate and dispense SPS foaming media
>> Can be used to directly dose into any vessel arrangement inside the dissolution bath
>> Special adapter to handle foaming media available (optional)
>> The instrument is movable and fits underneath most laboratory benches
>> Includes a balance (load cell) and all accessories for gravimetrical dosing
>> Good access to the media tank, easy to control the cleaning and test procedure
>> The only instrument which offers a software supported calibration program to validate and calibrate dosing accuracy using a certified 1 kg weight
>> Dosing performance test possible using built-in strain gauge
>> Correct dosing accuracy by entering density of media (changes because of temperature or solvent used)
>> Maximum of 2 liters waste when media change has to be done
>> Noise protected, max. noise level approx. 55dB
>> IQ/OQ documents included free of charge

*המחירים אינם כוללים מע"מ ועלולים להשתנות בהתאם למחירוני היצרן ולשערי המטבע
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