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Yarden Biotec - Company Profile


Yarden Biotech was founded in 1994 and is an active and dynamic company which imports, markets and provides maintenance services for laboratory equipment and instrumentation. The company acts as an exclusive distributor for quality and premium manufacturers of scientific equipment from the EU, Korea, Taiwan and the US.


We specialize in providing solutions for biological, biotechnological research, diagnostics, environmental and ecological monitoring labs, Analytical labs for industrial R&D, QA, and nuclear medicine institutes.


We at Yarden Biotec firmly believe in high-quality instrumentation and equipment, which is designed to serve the customers' needs for years to come with services from manufacturing to customer support and service. Our instrumentation and equipment come with a wide variety of configurations and specifications, optimized for the end user. In such a manner, quality solutions that yield a low life-cycle cost for the customer are achieved.


Unlike many other suppliers and distributors, our equipment is manufactured by manufacturers based in industrialized countries with a long tradition of quality, such as the US, Germany and others. Equipment comes fit for a variety of regulatory demands requested by the customer such as cGMP, EPA, US and EU Pharmacopeia and other relevant regulatory requirements.


Our service personnel have a varied expertise range in terms of servicing scientific equipment and instrumentation. We believe in an agile and professional diagnosis of technical issues and therefore, we provide a wide range of installation, training and after sales services.

Selected Clients:


Our client list includes all of Israel's universities and research institutes, Chemical and Biotechnological industries, pharmaceutical and food industries, hospitals and others.


Selected Suppliers:

Rigacu, Wilks, Capintec, Konik, Interspectrum, Citizen, Labnet, Usa Scientific and others.

We always welcome new business opportunities.



Yarden Biotec

Yad Hashmonah, 

D.N. Harey Yehuda 90895, ISRAEL

Tel: +972 2 6511102

Fax: +972 2 6511103


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