Syringe Pumps

משאבות מזרק

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Syringe Pump

Starting from 3,650 ₪

Number of channels: 1 /2 /4 /6 /8 /12.
Syringe pump with infusion / withdrawal mode, stainless steel housing.
Large colorful LCD screen display, friendly operation interface.
Can load different size syringes and injectors.
Suitable for micro flow rate, high precision liquid transferring.


Syringe Pump

Starting from 5,790 ₪

Number of channels: 1 /2 /4 /6 /8 /12.
The syringe pump with infusion/withdrawal mode, stainless steel body, and large-screen chromatic LCD is easy to operate. It can install and fix different types of injectors or syringes in the same time, and it is suitable fortransferring micro flow rates.