Microscope cameras

מצלמות למיקרוסקופ

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Microscope camera

Starting from 850 ₪ *Special offer: +12% discount

With Innovative customized ISP technology, the BUC2D-1200C(With Panasonic MN34120 Sensor) cameras’ frame rate has been greatly improved. The frame rate of uncompressed original imaging is 2MP@30fps, 5MP@22fps, 12MP@15fps. This series digital cameras provide simple and economical microscopy imaging. They are widely used in academic and medical fields for precision and high resolution microscope image capturing and processing.


Microscope camera

Starting from 2,300 ₪ *Special offer: +12% discount

BUC5F-2100C(With Sony IMX269 (C) Sensor) USB3.0 digital cameras adopt SONY Exmor CMOS sensor as the image-picking device and USB3.0 is used as the transfer interface.


Microscope camera

Starting from 3,060 ₪

BUC5H-2000C(With Sony IMX183CQJ-J Sensor) USB3.0 digital cameras use Sony sensor, the software has real-time image stitching & depth-of-field fusion function, BUC5H-500C has global shutter, BUC5H-2000C has 1-inch sensor. The BUC5H series cameras can be widely used with bright field, dark field, polarizing, fluorescent microscopes and normal microscope image capture and analysis with high frame rate.


Microscope camera

Starting from 8,000 ₪

BUC5IB-700C(With Sony IMX428(C, G) Sensor) cameras have adopted SONY Exmor CMOS sensor as the image-picking device and USB3.0 is used as the transfer interface to increase the frame rate.


Microscope camera

Starting from 3,060 ₪

BWHC-1080B C-mount WIFI+HDMI CMOS Camera(With Sony IMX178(C) Sensor) cameras are multiple interfaces (HDMI+WIFI+SD card) CMOS cameras and they adopt ultra-high performance Sony CMOS sensor as the image capture device. HDMI+WIFI are used as the data transfer interface to HDMI display or computer.


Microscope camera

Starting from 4,000 ₪ *Special offer: +12% discount

BWHC-4K8MPA 4K UHD HDMI/GigE/WiFi Multi-outputs Digital Camera(With Sony IMX334(C) Sensor) is the next-generation live-view imaging-system with 4K resolution at 60/30 FPS.