Gel Imaging Systems

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Omega Fluor™

Gel Imaging System

19,000 ₪

Entry-level gel imaging system with exceptional performance and safety features.
The Omega Fluor is an entry level gel imaging system that comes standard with the basic components and exceptional safety features for DNA and protein gel imaging. With a single wavelength UV drawer that is fully integrated into a light-tight cabinet, gone are the days of modular hoods sitting awkwardly on top of light boxes. A UV-safety switch, auto UV-shutoff, and a UV-blocking viewport are standard features while a high resolution camera and focus free lens with SmartCapture Technology™ maintains the integrity of your samples with exceptional imaging performance.

Omega Fluor™ Plus

Gel Imaging System

29,000 ₪

Power and performance in an advanced yet compact system.
Boosted by a high resolution camera and hands free SmartCapture Technology™, the Omega Fluor Plus has everything you need for exceptional DNA and protein imaging, including the tablet! Switching between applications is a breeze with standard features such as multiple light sources and a multi-position filter wheel. Optional accessories and analysis software complete the imaging solution.


Gel Imaging System

21,500 ₪

ENDURO™ GDS II and GDS Touch II are the next generation Gel Documentation Systems from Labnet International. These gel documentation systems are used for visualization of DNA and protein stained within a gel and provide photo documentation of these gels in a laboratory setting.
The GDS II comes in either a 302 nm or 365 nm version and runs on a Windows-based PC (not included). The GDS Touch II comes in either a 302 nm or 365 nm wavelength version with 470 nm epi-blue lights for use with "safe dyes" that eliminate the need for ethium bromide. Both versions now come with a storage location on top to help maximize bench space and provide a place for accessories.


Gel Imaging System

30,500 ₪ *Trasilluminator not included

Versatile high resolution gel doc.
An entry level system for imaging fluorescence and visible applications, the G:BOX F3 gel doc is the ideal solution for your laboratory.
Using your choice of dyes or stains, the G:BOX F3 automatically selects the right lighting and filters to detect close bands on both small and large gels. Choosing white light options for Coomassie Blue, UV and blue lighting options, ethidium bromide or SYBR® Safe gels, this system is the ultimate in gel doc flexibility.

GeneGnome XRQ

Gel Imaging System

37,900 ₪

Dedicated chemiluminescence imaging system – great Westerns without film
You love the sensitivity that chemi brings to Western blot imaging but hate the drama of using film to get it. Utilising the GeneGnome XRQ’s optimised short ‘camera to sample’ technology, you’ll get more than double the dynamic range of film, making it easy for you to see picogram or femtogram protein levels without all the fuss.
The GeneGnomeXRQ is dedicated to chemiluminescence imaging and is built for high performance and automation, featuring a high quantum efficiency CCD camera.


Gel Imaging System

54,900 ₪

Cost-efficient chemi imaging and gel doc.
For a laboratory that needs hassle-free chemiluminescent detection, as well as routine gel documentation, using the G:BOX Chemi XRQ’s powerful GeneSys software to switch between applications is simplicity itself. Place your chemi blot in, and the system’s cooled camera captures images with a sensitivity equal to film or slide in your gels to generate quality pictures of your DNA and proteins anytime you want.
Featuring a standard darkroom and a 4 million pixel image resolution, the G:BOX Chemi XRQ camera is cooled to provide a low signal to noise ratio with perfect background.

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