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Yarden Biotec

מטלטל אורביטלי

מטלטל אורביטלי


Cat No.



4,880 ₪


Orbital Shaker.
Speed Range:10~300rpm,Platform (W×D):320x260mm.
Two different shaking functions: back and forth, and orbital. Adjustable shaking speed and range. Timer function for maximum flexibility. Corrosion resistant stainless steel housing. Easy to clean and maintain. Large mounting surface and big load capacity of up to 15 kg. Ideal for vessels with more than 250 ml capacity, like round flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks, culture flasks, or culture bottles. Widely used for bacterial cultures, fermentation, hybridization, biochemical reactions, enzyme or tissue research. Shaking motion can be set in up to 6 different ways. Wide range of accessories are available.

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