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Yarden Biotec

אינקובטור CO2, בנפחים של 40 עד 1200 ליטרים

אינקובטור CO2, בנפחים של 40 עד 1200 ליטרים

WCI-40 to 1200

Cat No.

W6011040, W6011120, W6011180, W6011260, W6011650, W6011850, W6011122


15,360 to 68,200 ₪ Depending on the Volume


The incubator is ideal for the experiments of the cultivation of animal cells, sperm/ovum, anaerobic cells, all sorts of microbe cells, hatching/germinating and special tissues.
- Fast Heat-Up, Fast-Recovery, Stable Control
- 6 Sides Direct Heating System
- Electric heating wire is covered on all sides of the chamber which makes stable uniformity and provides fast heat-up & temperature recovery. 3 parts of heating section are controlled and calibrated individually by 3 temperature sensors.
- Dry Wall and Air Jacket - Warm air from heating wire is preserved in space between the chamber and the insulation layer. It helps temperature recover faster and minimize heat loss.
- DUAL BEAM IR CO2 Sensor - Fast & precise detection for CO2 gas regardless of temperature and humidity.
- Natural Humidification Using Water Tray
- Alarm System
- Gentle Air and Moisture Convection
- Easy to clean - Rounded corner allows easy cleaning.
- The entire chamber is made of stainless steel(SUS304)
- Over Heating Limit
- Perforated Shelves - good for natural air flows.
- No Condensation
- Microprocessor PID Control

- UV sterilization - 4W UV is placed on the chamber ceiling and beside the circulation fan. The UV light cannot reach sample and sterilization is operated during culturing.
- Dry hot air sterilization - Maximum 125℃. No need to remove IR CO2 sensor
- Decontamination by HEPA filtration of the chamber
- 25mm Access Port at the left side.
- Monitoring System - Analog connection port has been designed to observe the status of equipments in real time even in the far distance.

*המחירים אינם כוללים מע"מ ועלולים להשתנות בהתאם למחירוני היצרן ולשערי המטבע
קבל הצעת מחיר

הצעת המחיר תשלח בקרוב

או לחלופין, הזמן שיחה או הדגמה

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