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UV/VIS ספקטרופוטומטר

UV/VIS ספקטרופוטומטר


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Split Beam UV/VIS Spectrophotometer.
The T70 split-beam UV/VIS spectrophotometer offer excellent performance, high quality and are competitively priced. The T70 is well able to meet the stringent requirements required by analytical chemists. It features a wavelength range of 190 to 1100nm and is delivered with a built-in 8-cell changer as standard. It can therefore be used for both manual operation as well as for fully automated dissolution testing applications.

>> Excellent performance, high quality at a competitive price
>> Optimized for dissolution test applications
>> Data Printout to share data with other software. The results can be exported to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Text
>> Software Conforming to GLP
>> Log Record automatically records each operators usage, provides reliable database format to save the data log and administrator controlled access to log records and other useful tasks
>> Multi-User Management allows the administrator to create users and groups with different privileges. Access is controlled by user ID and password
>> Binary File Save Binary format to save measurement data. Binary format improves data security.
>> and saves disk space
>> Quality Control Monitor data according to the user’s setup. The system will take corrective
measures if the data is out of range
>> Printout Records of measurement results, personal settings for the report format and provides a print preview

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