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Yarden Biotec

רוטרי אוופורייטור אנכי (Slanting glassware)

רוטרי אוופורייטור אנכי (Slanting glassware)

Strike 285 M1

Cat No.



10,500 ₪


Evaporating flasks: 1000ml (optional 50 to 2000ml).
The rotary evaporator Strike 285 combines excellent operating characteristics and high performance levels, all in an ergonomic design, offering excellent separation, concentration and purification solutions. All Functions can be viewed and monitored on the large and clear Touch Screen display, the parameters can be set by touch screen, the turning knob or using both the same time for fast adjustment, the user can reduce the process time by using the programs for automatic distillation with the integrated temperature controller, vacuum controller, timer and other special features.
The evaporation flask is connected to vapor tube via coupling ring for easy fixing and removal of the flask, and the flask ejector design allows you to remove the sticking flasks from vapor tube in easy and way by just turning the ejector.

*המחירים אינם כוללים מע"מ ועלולים להשתנות בהתאם למחירוני היצרן ולשערי המטבע
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