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Yarden Biotec

רוטרי אוופורייטור לנפחים תעשייתיים

רוטרי אוופורייטור לנפחים תעשייתיים

Strike 100

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50 lt discending glassware 1,43m2 2x20lt.
STRIKE100 is a large-capacity rotary evaporator designed for industrial plants. It meets all the process needs by using Borosilicate glass and PTFE permitting aggressive substances treatment.
The unit works under vacuum or atmosphere conditions. The rotation of the 50 or 100 lt evaporation flask in the thermostatic bath results in a forced convection and homogenous distribution of
the product, thus preventing sedimentation. Moreover, it ensures high evaporating exchange surface. The sealing system guarantees the perfect vacuum tightness and maintenance-free operation.
Possibility to customize glassware as for Clients needs.

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