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רוטרי אוופורייטור לנפחים גדולים

רוטרי אוופורייטור לנפחים גדולים


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Descending glassware, 20 lt evaporating flask, 2x6 Lt collecting flasks
ST20 - Large-Capacity Rotary Evaporator
ST20 has both industrial and laboratory rotary evaporation features. It meets all the process needs by using Borosilicate glass and PTFE permitting aggressive
substances treatment. The plant allows for evaporation of volatile components (lowboiling) so as to separate them from the residual ones (high-boiling) due to the difference of their boiling points. Easy and totally safe startup, check and stop procedures of the process: ST20 is provided with a transparent protection shield for the evaporation flask and the thermostatic bath.

*המחירים אינם כוללים מע"מ ועלולים להשתנות בהתאם למחירוני היצרן ולשערי המטבע
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