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מכשיר לבדיקת מסיסות 14+2 תחנות

מכשיר לבדיקת מסיסות 14+2 תחנות

PTWS 1420

Cat No.

PTWS 1420


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The PTWS 1420 is a 14+2-position, “dual drive” compact tablet dissolution testing instrument for solid dosage forms as described in USP chapter <711/724> and EP section<2.9.3/4> as well as the BP, DAB and Japanese Pharmacopeia section <15>. The instrument features 14 testing positions and includes two additional standard size vessels for media refilling and reference standard media. PTWS 1420 features independent stirrer speed control for the left and right half of stirrers.

>> 14 stirred vessel in one instrument is ideal for Biowaiver applications and offline automated systems
>> Dual drive configuration with independent speed control for left and right side of instrument enables flexible use of the PTWS 1420
>> Replacement media is stored in two additional heated vessels eliminating influences from cold media refilling
>> Easy to use auto vessel centering system
>> Eco friendly double walled vacuum molded water bath for improved temperature insulation
>> Screen saver functionality offers most important information at a glance (stirrer speed, bath temperature, time to next sampling interval, elapsed time, media temperature etc.)
>> Wake up functionality to start heating at a pre-programmed time
>> Programmable infinity test
>> MonoShaft™ system to avoid re-adjustment of immersion depth after tool exchange
>> Staggered start feature for convenient manual sampling
>> Water diffuser for even temperature distribution
>> IQ/OQ documents included free of charge

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