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מכשיר מתקדם לבדיקת התפוררות טבליות, שלושה תופים

מכשיר מתקדם לבדיקת התפוררות טבליות, שלושה תופים

PTF 300

Cat No.

PTF 300


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PTF 300 is a triple drum tablet friability and abrasion test instrument. It is manufactured in compliance to the USP <1216>, EP <2.9.7> and JP <14> Pharmacopoeias. The instrument features an automated sample discharge at the end of a test and the possibility to connect an analytical balance.

>> Drum is easy to open for loading and cleaning, alternatively use discharge opening for loading
>> Graphical LCD screen showing actual and target settings Integrated protocol printer reduces bench space requirements
>> Detailed result report including weight loss calculation and evaluation of the results
>> Automated sample discharge at the end of a test run
>> Dual operation mode: number of revolutions or rotation time
>> Variable drum rotation speed or locked speed mode
>> Determine the sample weight by balance to automatically calculate weight loss
>> Programmable qualification interval timer reminds the user to perform instrument calibration
>> Dedicated calibration programs and reports
>> Copy methods between instruments by using a common >> USB flash drive
>> Export test reports as text files
>> IQ/OQ documents included free of charge

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