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מד קשיות מתקדם עם מאזניים אנליטיים מובנים

מד קשיות מתקדם עם מאזניים אנליטיים מובנים

PTB 500

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PTB 500


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The semi-automated tablet testing system PTB 500 is a dual test mode instrument to measure five different parameters of one sample. Hardness, diameter (or length), thickness, width and the weight of tablets can be determined here. The instrument features an integrated analytical balance and a sample carousel. The instrument is made in strict compliance with the EP <2.9.8> and USP <1217> Pharmacopoeia.

>> Select either linear force or linear speed increase (dual mode selection)
>> Stepless adjustment of the force or speed increasing rate
>> Sophisticated user management and method management
>> Result database and audit trail
>> Secure passwords with password rules
>> Time and date display and print-out
>> Test start functionality to start testing with minimal preparation
>> Directly connectable to LIMS or other network options
>> Serial data transfer via RS-232 interface
>> Validation and calibration program for the measurement stations
>> Dual point adjustment of the load cell for the hardness test station
>> Multiple point validation (calibration) up to 30 or 50kg
>> Programmable print-out of force increase curve
>> Test program for soft gelatin capsule testing by setting up a testing distance

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