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מד קשיות

מד קשיות

PTB 111E

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PTB 111E


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The manual tablet hardness testing instrument PTB111E / 111E-500 / 111E-800 is a dual force mode hardness test apparatus as it can be used for either linear force or linear speed increase while tablet hardness is tested. It offers a multiple point validation procedure for the built-in digital load cell. The instrument is made in strict compliance with the EP <2.9.8> and USP <1217> Pharmacopoeia.

>> Select either linear force or linear speed increase (dual mode selection)
>> Entry of time and date
>> Enter a 12 digit batch number
>> Automatic re-start facility to speed up the testing sequence
>> Automated diameter detection for faster re-start
>> Documentation of all results using a separate Dot-Matrix or PCL5 printer
>> Validation and calibration program for the measurement station
>> Force curve print out
>> Dual point adjustment of the load cell for the hardness test station
>> Multiple point validation (calibration)
>> Data transfer via RS-232 interface
>> Hardness testing in compliance with the EP <2.9.8> and USP <1217> Pharmacopoeia
>> Test program for soft gelatine capsule testing by setting up a testing distance to measure max. force applied during the test

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