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משאבת מזרק רב ערוצית מדוייקת

משאבת מזרק רב ערוצית מדוייקת


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Precise Multi Syringe Pump.
The PT-SP multi-syringe pump is designed specifically for parallel sample withdrawal and dosage of media from a dissolution bath into open vials inside a fraction collector. It is equipped with up to 8 replaceable 10ml high precision glass syringes. Each syringe is connected to a 3-way pinch valve for media flow control. The drive of the syringes is carried out simultaneously by a stepper motor. All syringes are rigidly connected to the common sturdy drive bar.

>> Automates the removal of samples in connection with an integrated fraction collector the most labor intensive stage of a dissolution test
>> Automated sampling eliminates human errors as equal sampling times and standardized solvent transport offer high reproducibility
>> Syringe pump technology offers excellent precision and reproducibility for dissolution sampling and media replacement
>> Flexible, modular design allows to freely combine multiple pumps
>> Supports auto media refill for six to twelve station dissolution baths
>> All moving parts are behind a transparent enclosure to guarantee user safety while retaining visibility
>> DQ/QC, IQ and OQ documents included free of charge

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