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מערכת אלקטרופורזה מאקסי להרצת ג'לים חלבונים

מערכת אלקטרופורזה מאקסי להרצת ג'לים חלבונים

omniPAGE WAVE Maxi

Cat No.



5,600 ₪

Cleaver Scientific

The omniPAGE WAVE Maxi System is Cleaver Scientifics latest product innovation for large format vertical gel electrophoresis. Designed to perform a variety of separations, including first and second-dimension SDS-PAGE, native, preparative, gradient and high-resolution nucleic acid electrophoresis, plus capillary tube gel IEF and electroblotting, the VS20 WAVE is one of the most versatile maxi vertical systems available.

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