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Yarden Biotec

ננו ספקטרופוטומטר אור נראה/UV אורכי גל 200-800 ננומטר

ננו ספקטרופוטומטר אור נראה/UV אורכי גל 200-800 ננומטר


Cat No.



30,000 ₪


Nano-300 is a perfect full-spectrum, UV-Vis micro-spectrophotometer based on Nano-100 with full range of wavelength (200-800nm). Not only can it quickly and accurately detect nucleic acids, proteins and cell solutions with only 2 μl of sample like Nano-100, but it is also equipped with a cuvette mode to detect the concentration of bacteria and other culture solutions, and then determine the growth of bacteria. Nano-300 is added a new function of bacterium cell concentration test (OD600). Nano-300 uses 7-inch touch screen and is integrated with Android system, which do not need to connect to a computer. It can be efficiently and conveniently applied to various fields of life science, and has become a routine configuration instrument in many laboratories.

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