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Yarden Biotec

מד pH בדיוק של 0.01 pH

מד pH בדיוק של 0.01 pH


Cat No.



1,850 ₪


The touch operation makes your work easier, faster and more reliable.
pH, mV or Rel.mV mode is selectable.
Auto buffer solution recognition.
User can preview the electrode slope and see the graphics of calibration curve.
Statistics function allow users to summarize, review, analyse, compare and preserve the measuring result.
Main Characteristics:
• Fully automatic or manual temperature compensation
• Up to 1-5 points calibration store
• Auto identify 5 groups of buffer solutions and support one group (5 points) customized
• Auto display electrode slope and usage status
• Calibration with only a single keypress is easy and convenient
• Stabilization icon indicates the reading has stabilized
• Synchronously display pH, temperature and buffer solution value
• Reading measurement value directly by pH, mV or Rel.mV
• With Power-off protection assure no loss of data

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