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רובוט לדיגום בדיקות מסיסות אוטומטי

רובוט לדיגום בדיקות מסיסות אוטומטי


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Dissolution Sampling Robot.
The DSR-M dissolution sampling robot is designed specifically for the sample transfer and sample processing from a six to twelve vessel dissolution bath. This unique versatile instrument allows samples to be collected over very short time intervals. The DSR-M can be equipped to collect, dilute or process samples for following UV-Visible or HPLC measurements. It can also be used for dissolution medium replenishment to conform to USP/EP volume loss rules.

>> Automates the taking of samples, the most labor intensive stage of a dissolution test
>> Automated sampling eliminates human errors as equal sampling times and standardized solvent transport offer high reproducibility
>> Flexible, modular design to allow auto media refill, dilution and transfer into sealed vials for six to twelve station dissolution baths
>> The CAT-MRM module eliminates the need for separate refilling tubing lines
>> Using the MFC-12 0.45 micron round filter can be exchanged easily and quickly between runs
>> Small footprint due to auto sampler design with integrated pump module
>> All moving parts are behind transparent enclosure to guarantee user safety

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