-10 ~-25°C Low-temperature Freezer

פריזרים לטמפ' נמוכה 10- ~-25°C

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-10°C ~-25°C Low-temperature Freezer

5,200 ₪

Meling -10°C ~-25°C low temperature freezer DW-YL90 is a high quality laboratory / medical freezer with stable performance. This mini freezer is designed in specific volume for easy storage and placed on desktop and under counter. The small freezer is equipped with polyurethane foam door enabling perfect thermal insulation effects. And it provides multiple audible and visible alarm system to ensure more safe storage. The high-precision compromised temperature control system allows you to set and monitor the temperature in the cabinet.


-10°C ~-25°C Low-temperature Freezer

7,560 ₪

Meling -10°C ~-25°C low temperature freezer DW-YL270 is a high quality low temperature freezer with stable performance. It is equipped with international famous refrigeration system, which is high-efficiency and environmental friendly. And the condenser is designed perfectly for temperature stability and refrigeration system reliability. This low temp freezer is designed for laboratory and medical grade and best for storage of special materials, blood plasma, vaccine and biological products.


-10°C ~-25°C Low-temperature Freezer

11,700 ₪

Meling -10°C ~-25°C low temperature freezer DW-YL450 is special for medical freezer and lab freezer. This low temperature freezer is designed with two compressors and two chambers, which allows you to control the upper chamber and lower chamber independently. And the high-precision microcomputer temperature control system has the ability to set the temperature inside the cabinet in the range of -10°C ~-25°C. The built-in door gasket can perfect maintain a constant inside temperature and is easy to clean. The low temp freezer is best for storage of various medical and scientific materials, including blood plasma, reagent, and more.