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תוכנת מחשב לניהול ועיבוד נתוני בדיקות מסיסות

תוכנת מחשב לניהול ועיבוד נתוני בדיקות מסיסות


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21 CFR Part 11 compliance as well as compliance to the new requirements for Data Integrity
The WinDiss ARGUS Dissolution Software is a scientific dissolution data management software for instrument control, data acquisition, data management, processing and reporting – designed by users for users. WinDiss ARGUS Dissolution is compatible to almost all dissolution systems in the laboratory. Just one software needs to be trained and qualified. Whether you perform dissolution tests occasionally or several times each day WinDiss ARGUS Dissolution will make you more productive in running tests and analyzing results.

>> Instant recording of raw data
>> Standard database backup and recovery procedures
>> Long term persistence in XML
>> Detailed audit trail for electronic records
>> System log for tracking application events
>> Electronic signature support
>> Cryptographical record protection
>> Role specific access to program functions
>> IQ/OQ/PQ support with reminder function
>> Built in system suitability check
>> Failsafe technology for data recovery
>> Full Spectrometer OQ (as outlined in USP38)
>> Groupware Functionality (Enterprise Edition):
>> Method deployment via shared database
>> Centralized user account management
>> LDAP authentication (ActiveDirectory)
>> Prepared for LIMS connectivity
>> Review Data through your web browser

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