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Yarden Biotec

תנור שריפה למעבדה (Muffle Furnace)

תנור שריפה למעבדה (Muffle Furnace)

Muffle Furnace - 3L /4.5L /12L /14L /27L

Cat No.

F08-02-110, F08-02-120, F08-02-130, F08-02-133, F08-02-135


6,400 ₪ /6,950 ₪ /9,450 ₪ /9,750 ₪ /15,900 ₪

LK-Lab Korea

• Suitable for Researching with Drying, Plasticity, Batch Measuring, New Material and Ceramic Sintering
• Preventing Damages of the Heater from Contact of Vapor and Corrosive Gas by Installing Fire Proof Molded Heating Element
• Available to Rapid Temp. Increasing and Uniform Temp. Distribution by 3 Side Heating Walls inside Design
• Auto Tuning, Temperature Calibration, Self-diagnosis Function Available
• Installed Duct Hole for Exhaust Gas and Vapor inside
• Installed Safety Device for Circuit Protection from Over Current and Over Heat
• Installed Port for RS485 PC Communication.
• Automatical Fault Sensing System (By itself can detect an unusual situation.)
• Double Overheat Safety Device - 1st Controller Overheat Alarm, 2nd Overheat Shut Off Circuit
• Digital Over Temperature Safety Device
• 2 type Timer Function Installed
• Program Type (2 Pattern, 18 Segment)
- Program Set-up, Repetition and Operating Reservation.
- Saving Interlock with Increasing, Maintaining of Temperature and Operating Time, and Saved Program Operate Continuously

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