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Yarden Biotec

טיטרטור אוטומטי כפול

טיטרטור אוטומטי כפול


Cat No.



Starting from 16,500 ₪


CAT Automatic Titrator has been designed to simply and precisely perform the widest range of potentiometric titrations. This is the first choice if you were looking for a very easy-to-use automatic titrator for any application. A special training or a deeper knowledge of automatic titration was not necessary to get precise and quick results. That and much more is exactly what the new generation of CAT stands for.

The CAT2-1 Includes CAT2 Basic unit, Magnetic stirrer(1), Stir bar(1), 10ml burette(2), titration tube(2), power supply(1), 1L glass bottle(2), GL45 and S40 adapter(2), drying tube(2).
Option of different applications like pH titration, Precipitation titration, Redox titration or Dead stop titration

*המחירים אינם כוללים מע"מ ועלולים להשתנות בהתאם למחירוני היצרן ולשערי המטבע
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